Do you care about your staff’s health?

There is no better way to show it than to get them a plan to have unlimited access to doctors on demand.

Your Staff’s Health Is Key To Your Business Success

As a business owner, you need your staff to perform at the optimum, not only perform but live a healthy life on the job, You need them mentally and physically well. Stats show that 68% of employees never communicate their health concerns to their employer.

Bridge The Gap

With the CudoApp Business plan, you empower your staff and give them access to doctors and telehealth while you pay a token for all their usage.

We make the already affordable service more affordable for you and your staff on our business plans.

So what can your staff access on Cudo App?

Your staff get doctors assigned at each request.

Should the health situation require a doctor checkup, a verified doctor closest to their location is assigned to them.

Self-medication is the order of the day by most people, with CudoApps your staff get accurate doctor’s prescriptions.

In the case where an actual medical procedure is needed, we take on the work of helping each staff find the most affordable treatment.

How To Get Started

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You decide on a plan
You onboard all your staff


You have questions?
We have answers.

Payment is by monthly subscription and your organisation will be issued an invoice.

Your employees will be benefit from the full range of telemedicine services that we provide offered via online consultation and in person visit.

When booking a consultation with a CUDO and you intend to share the details of that appointment with your regular doctor. On the app you can request this and provide the official email of your Dr and a summary of your appointment will be sent to them.

We use state of the art data security and encryption technology and infrastructure which is securely stored and maintained on Amazon cloud infrastructure.

We take great pride as the fastest on-demand telemedicine app in Nigeria and we aim to connect you with one of our Medical Experts under 2 minutes.

Who Is Using CudoApp's Business Plan?

Definitely better than visiting the hospital for hours without being seen. This definitely is cost and time effective and efficient...
Abiola Alawode
An excellent source for urgent medical support and advice by medical professionals. This is very useful especially in a busy environment as Lagos...
Onuchukwu Charles
This app has great promises, especially in a country like Nigeria. One use-case for me is that I don’t need to travel before calling a Doctor to check up on my mum in Kano. Efficiency is key and Cudo definitely has this. I recommend 100%
Bashir Ubale

Want This For Yourself?

Oh yes, you can use the CudoApp as a single user.